Old Bonhomme's new Farmstand!

1/6/2022 9:36 am

Recently our school was awarded a Lettuce Grow Farmstand as part of a Whole Kids Foundation school garden grant. The Farmstand is a hydroponic growing tower made up of four levels and each level surrounded by a ring of lights that help the plants grow while the tower lives inside. The word hydroponic means that these plants are growing without soil. In fact, each plan sits in a little cup (kind of like a Keurig coffee pod) with just a little peat moss. The roots hang down into the center where they are given a shower every 30 minutes or so. 

One of the best things about a hydroponic tower is that it takes a lot less work than a regular garden but can still produce a LOT of food. Another reason our Farmstand is so cool because in just a little bit of space, you can grow 30 different plants! During the summer, it can live outside in the fresh air, but once the weather is cool, it can come inside and still grow veggies, herbs, flowers and even fruit ALL YEAR LONG! 
The OB Farmstand moved to it's new home at the school on the last day before winter break. Everyone should get the chance to visit the Farmstand in the halls and maybe even take care of it. There are no weeds to battle or bugs and pests to pick off, but our plants need additional nutrients that they would normally get from our good, dark soil. That is why, once a week, a few scoops of organic nutrients are added into the water and showered down on our plant roots inside the tower. 
After our plants are harvested, we get to pick out new baby plants. Start thinking about what you would like to grow (and EAT) at OB and we will have a contest to decide our new Farmstand plants! You can visit the Lettucegrow website see what kind of plants work well in our Farmstand and read more about our awesome new hydroponic tower.

REad all about how the Farmstand works at Lettucegrow.com 

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