Fresh Friday, May 21

5/21/2021 2:01 pm


Hide and seek! 

Our first batch of carrots are starting to peep. A few classrooms got a delivery of baby carrots this week because there were multiple carrots growing in one hole so they were thinned out. The rest of the carrots can now grow big and strong without getting twisted up. In the next few weeks, start looking for their heads to pop out of the dirt. When you can see the tops of orange, they're ready to pull. 


Did you know: You can actually eat the green tops of your carrots? They taste a bit like, well, carrots! Why not try blending up a carrot-top pesto or sauté them up with onions? Here are some great ideas from Oh My Veggies



Oh snap

The flowers on the pea vines have quickly transformed into sugar snap peas. They're super camoflauged so pick around until you find a few. They're sweet and crunchy but don't let them swell up too much or they start to taste bitter.


One tough pepper


Remember when we had that really random snow in April? Yeah, that was weird. And even though it was past St. Louis' typical last frost date (and a safe time to plant warm weather veggies), we were fooled and this little pepper was frozen in her bed. But I had a feeling that there was still some life left in her and sure enough, a few warm weeks later... new growth! Not sure if Cubanelle will have time to put out any peppers but she sure is a survivor. Look for her in the salsa garden!



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