Seed Saving in the Fall

12/1/2021 3:51 pm

 As the garden growing season comes to this is the perfect time to collect seeds for planting next year. Seeds collected now from some vegetables (for example: beans, pumpkins, and winter squash) as well as flowers (for example: coneflowers, milkweed, and marigolds) can be prepared for overwintering and can be used for early planting next spring. Fortunately, our OB Community Garden has many of these plants and we have collected some seeds to share with you. 



On 12/6 the Garden Committee will be giving away milkweed and false sunflower seeds during afternoon school pick-up.  Want to learn more? Below are some details on collection, storage, and planting. 



Milkweed seed collections & care

  • Check if pods are ripe: They should pop open with light pressure & seeds will be brown

  • Collect seeds: Spilt open, pull-out seeds and silk

  • Separate seeds: Put all in a paper bag with some small stones or coins and shake gently Poke hole in bottom of bag to allow seeds to fall out and silk stay in bag

  • Storage: Store freshly collected seeds in paper bags or envelopes, but once fully dry can store in plastic containers

  • Planting: Milkweed seeds need cold treatment, or to be stratified, to germinate.  This means they can be planted in the fall and winter and do not need to be stored indoors.

Milkweed Seed Collection Resource:


Flower seed head collection (cone flowers, rudbeckia (aka black-eyed-susan),

  • After flower has fully died back cut flower head off including 4-6” of stem.

  • Place flower heads upside down in paper bag for about 1 week.

  • Store collected seeds in paper bags or envelopes in cool dry location

  • Plant after last frost

Flower Seed Collection Resources:


Vegetable Seed Collection Resources:


 Also a great resource for monthly gardening tips is our very own MO Botanical Garden – check out December Gardening - MOBOT.



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